Non, Emmanuelle, une souffleuse c’est mieux!

Franchement… c’est 10 fois plus long.


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Today’s Foreign Correspondent Spotlight comes from Moscow correspondent @amiefr. Amie writes, « Moscow sees plenty of snow. But last weekend proved an exception — a record-breaking blizzard befell the capital, dumping 20 inches of snow over 30 relentless hours. Late on Saturday, I headed home from a restaurant in the city center, trudging through glistening, compact snow that reached up my calves. That’s when I spotted the snow-eater. Huge and ravenous, this awesome machine was hissing and gobbling up snow with metal rods resembling arms. Such machines are quite rare in Moscow, so I paused for a moment to quickly film the snow-eater on my phone as it crawled along the edges of the road. I tweeted the video that night. Twenty-four hours later, the film had been viewed 100,000 times. » (Video by Amie Ferris-Rotman/The Washington Post)

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